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In our Ski School you also learn skiing like our grandparents did. This technique is becoming very popular.
In 1886 the farmer’s son Sondre Auerson Norheim from a small town called Morgeddal (region of Telemark in Norway) surprised everybody, winning a competition by using a particularly new way of skiing. At that time Norheim already performed a sensational ski jump of  30,5 m and organised the 1st Nordic Downhill.

In 1888 the inhabitants of the capital Christiania, today’s Oslo, named this swing technique "Telemark" when they were defeated in a ski team competition on “Huseby-Hill” by one of Norheim’s pupils, Torjus Hemmesveit. They gave it this name in order to avoid confusion with the swing technique from Christiania (parallel turn)!

From then on the Telemark swing turn and the Christiania were continuously in competition with each other. Later on Norheim emigrated to America in order to teach the Telemark swing also there. At the turn of the century, the Telemark technique was gradually falling into oblivion while this technique continued to exist without any interruption in Norway.

We offer lessons for beginners and advanced courses for those who want to improve their skiing technique to perfection on the piste or in deep snow.


The Telemark was discovered in 1886 by Sondre Auerson Norheim, a farmer’s son from Morgeddal

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