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11 rules cross-country skiers should consider!

Pistenregel 1

1. Respect for other skiers

Skiers must behave in such a way that they do not endanger others, especially the less experienced ones.

Pistenregel 2

2. Respect for signals and markings

All signals and markings should be respected. The skier is obliged to ski in the direction indicated.

Pistenregel 3

3. Choice of the tracks

On paths with more than one prepared track, skiers should choose the right-hand lane. Skiers in groups must keep on the right, behind each other.

Pistenregel 4

4. Overtaking

A skier is not obliged to give way to an overtaking skier, but should allow a faster skier to pass whenever possible. A skier is permitted to overtake another skier on the left or right. He should warn the skier ahead.

Pistenregel 5

5. Encounter

Cross-country skiers meeting while skiing in opposite directions should keep to their right. A climbing skier should give way to a descending skier. A cross-country skier should keep his poles close to his body whenever near other skiers.

Pistenregel 6

6. Control of speed and behaviour

A cross-country skier should always adapt his speed to his personal ability, the prevailing terrain and visibility, and to the traffic on the course. Every skier should keep a safe distance from the skiers ahead.

Pistenregel 7

7. Stopping

The skier should always stop outside the track and the path. If a skier has fallen he should clear the track as soon as possible.

Pistenregel 8

8. Assistance

If an accident occurs, every skier is duty bound do assist.

Pistenregel 9

9. Identification

Following an accident, every skier and witness, whether responsible or not for causing the accident, must exchange names and addresses.

Pistenregel 10

10. Respect for the environment and the tracks

A well-behaved cross-country skier does not pollute the environment. Pedestrians, downhill skiers, sledges etc. are not allowed on the tracks.

Pistenregel 11

11. During a race

No access to the tracks if a cross-country skiing race is taking place.

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